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The idea behind techversity is simple: we want to help people of color make headway in the tech industry. Most people spend hours filling out job applications without a response and don't know why. This site allows employers to view the profiles of diverse candidates that have the skills they're looking for. Employers will be enticed to view your profile and request your resume if they are interested. Not only will it save them the paperwork, but time and money. In the future, potential employers will also be able to view your work through links to Github, LinkedIn, and/or your personal website.
Join us and become a part of our great network. There's no point in killing more trees; after all, we're diverse techies and define the future of technology. Build your profile today, whether you're looking to hire or looking to be hired. techversity can help you find the many hidden black and Latino/Latina talents in this industry, as well as the passion that drives them.

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